The Business Growth and Marketing Expert

Cyrille empowers CEO start-ups and entrepreneurs with business growth nuggets and Hook marketing strategies to grow their business 9X faster and make it 50% more profitable.


Meet Cyrille

Business growth and marketing expert.

Cyrille is a tenacious and resilient entrepreneur who has gone through the rough and  turmoils of business startup  where he experienced bankruptcy and found himself by the roadside selling cooked noodles to night travelers to where he now loves the best; empowering business start-ups for growth and profitability

Our Happy Clients!

"Cyrille’s insights have transformed our marketing strategy. We've seen a 300% increase in client engagement and our profits have doubled within six months. His practical and straightforward approach is a game-changer for any startup."
Treasure Idem
TechAlpha Global Concept
"The Growth Factory Accelerator program was exactly what we needed. Cyrille’s expertise in building a compelling funding case and leadership capacity is evident in the success we've achieved. Our team is more aligned, and our growth trajectory is on an upward curve."
Solape Adesuyi
Leading Female Entrepreneur Network
"Cyrille’s approach to marketing and business growth is refreshing. His emphasis on practical, easy-to-implement strategies has saved us time and money. Our customer base has grown steadily, and we’re on track to achieve our annual goals ahead of schedule."